Student Opportunities

  • SSS (Southern Sociological Society)
  • April 17-20 of 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Information can be found here: SSS Annual Meeting
  • Second Annual Public Sociology Conference: “Borderlands in Academia, Activism, and Policy”
  • October 20th, 2012 in Fairfax, Virginia.
  • Abstract deadline is June 15th.
  • Exact details can be found here: CFP Flyer and Grad Conference Site

AKD is proud to announce that some of our very own peers and professors will be attending the 2012 annual meeting for ASR (The Association for the Sociology of Religion) which is taking place August 17-18 in Denver, Colorado at the Grand Hyatt. Congratulations to Favor Cambell, Thomas Moore, Andrea Ruiz and Sarah Shah for making it on the meeting’s preliminary program.

  • International Conference: Looking for Popular Publics
  • October 20-21, 2011
  • Deadline: June 20th 2012
  • In line with the new research program about publics started up by the CREM (Centre de recherche sur les médiations), this international conference in two parts aims at denaturalizing the notion of “popular public” by putting it to the test of the various disciplines which embraced it : media and communication studies, political science, history, discourse analysis, argumentation theory, aesthetics, ethnography, sociology, history of literature or art.
  • The first section of the conference (“Faire peuple” (“People Making”) has been devoted to the strategies aimed at building popular publics or audiences, popular publics themselves will be examined in the second part, through their composition or from their members’ point of view: what kinds of self-recognition characterize popular publics? And what are the historical, economic, political or social stakes of such a self-recognition?
  • For more information contact Dr. Halley at

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