Student Achievements

2012 ASR Conference

AKD is proud to announce that some of our very own peers will be attending the 2012 annual meeting for ASR (The Association for the Sociology of Religion) which is taking place August 17-18 in Denver, Colorado at the Grand Hyatt.

Congratulations to Favor Cambell, Thomas Moore, Andrea Ruiz and Sarah Shah for making it on the meeting’s preliminary program. If anyone is interested in looking at the program to see the types of research they will be presenting at the meeting, it can be accessed at the below page: Make sure to check it out!! Once again, congratulations to our peers and professors. Remember, any student can attend these meetings, and AKD strongly encourages anyone and everyone to consider presenting at these conferences. They are great ways to meet other sociologists and to also grow as a student. If anyone wants more information on any other upcoming conferences, please do not hesitate to ask!


ICC Biennial Symposium

AKD would like to congratulate Carma Deem on the receipt of a scholarship to attend the 25th ICC Biennial Symposium on minorities, the medically underserved, and health equity in Houston, TX June 27 through July 1. 

She will be presenting two poster presentations 1. Using the Health Belief Model to Predict Breast Cancer Screening Among Hispanics in South Texas Colonias 2. Fatalism and Breast Cancer Screening Among Hispanics in South Texas Colonias.

Congrats Carma!


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