UTSA Sociology Department

The sociology program at UTSA is a fast-growing component of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts at UTSA that highlights the cutting edge work of diverse scholars who are engaged within and outside the academy (please see below for current faculty research and select publications). The core of our program is highlighted by an emphasis on methodological rigor, both quantitative and qualitative. We also strive to achieve a balance between the abstract theoretical concerns that ground our discipline and empirical research that sheds light on the genuine, everyday experiences of real people in the real world.

At present the sociology department offers the B.S. and M.S. in sociology. The Master’s program is quite active with over 120 students currently in residence and the number of undergraduate majors growing at a steady pace. We are currently preparing a proposal for the development of a Ph.D. program in sociology here at UTSA.

For more information on the program, click here.

Below are the staff in the department and their contact information.

Dr.  Gabriel Acevedo               458-6469      gabriel.acevedo@utsa.edu

Dr. John Bartkowski               458-6007      john.bartkowski@utsa.edu

Dr. Melinda Denton                                       melinda.denton@utsa.edu

Dr. Christopher Ellison          458-6241       christopher.ellison@utsa.edu

Dr. Jeffrey A. Halley                458-2016       jeffrey.halley@utsa.edu

Dr. Richard Lewis, Jr.             458-6759       richard.lewis@utsa.edu

Dr. Raquel Marquez                458-5606       raquel.marquez@utsa.edu

Dr. Michael Miller                   458-5619        michael.miller@utsa.edu

Dr. Harriett Romo                   458-2549        harriett.romo@utsa.edu

Dr. Thankam Sunil                  458-5617         thankam.sunil@utsa.edu

Dr. Aida Isela Ramos-Wada                            airwada@utsa.edu

Dr. Xiaohe Xu                           458-4570        xiaohe.xu@utsa.edu

Department Chair/Staff          458-4620       kathleen.mccleery@utsa.edu

GAR- Dr. Terri Earnest           458-6239       terri.earnest@utsa.edu


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